Bachelors of Orphan Care & Management



First Semester

  • THEO101-105 Foundations of Spiritual Growth, 5 Module Series

Second Semester

  • CARE101 Starting an Orphanage
  • BIBL100 Bible Study Methods
  • BIBL104 OT Survey
  • THEO140 New & Old Testament Backgrounds
  • THEO112 How to hear the voice of God


First Semester

  • Elective
  • BIBL105 NT Survey
  • THEO240 Developing the Character of Christ
  • CARE110 Helping without Hurting
  • THEO208 The Power of Prayer

Second Semester

  • CARE201 Child Rearing: Principles & Application.
  • PASM210 Personal Life of the Min. Leader
  • THEO202 The Powerful Holy Spirit
  • THEO209 Spiritual Warfare
  • Gen Ed. CARE120 Dev. Psychology


First Semester

  • Elective
  • BIBL202 Spiritual Formation…context of Com
  • DISC300 Principles & Practice of Disc. Counseling
  • PASM310 Expository Preaching
  • Gen Ed. CARE210 Intro to Elementary Educ.

Second Semester

  • Elective
  • DISC310 Intro to Disciplemaking
  • THEO320 How to defend the Faith.
  • CARE301 Nutrition for at risk children
  • Gen Ed. CARE222 Business Communication.


First Semester

  • Elective
  • CARE410 Psych Trauma & Disc in at risk children
  • WMIS201 Christian Missions
  • CARE320 Healthcare for at risk children
  • Gen Ed. ___________

Second Semester

  • Elective
  • CARE400 Gov. & Adm. of Nonprofit Orgs.
  • BIBL441 Proverbs
  • CARE401 Fin Man of Nonprofit Orgs.
  • Gen Ed. ___________

* THEO 101-105 satisfies the required coursework for our Certificate in Short-Term Missions (Missionary Mandate). As such, you will sometimes hear it called that way. Every student attending Glory must take THEO 101-105 in their first semester regardless of advanced placement. Please contact the admissions department if you have questions about it.

1 Credit hour = 15 hours of classroom time per semester.

General Education Requirements (15 Units)

  • English (3 Credits)
  • Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence, or  Sociology (3 credits)
  • Business Communications or Political Science, or Economics or Government or Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
  • Intro. to Elementary Education or English Lit or History (3 credits)
  • Physical/Biological Science (3 credits)


All students  in our Orphan Care & Management programs are required to do a field internship as part of their training. Students in the 1-year certificate program are required to do a 3 months internship. Those in the 2-year associates degree program will do a 6 months internship and those in the 4-year Bachelor’s degree program will do a 1-year Internship.